System Performance Analysis

Your home heating and cooling system may or may not be delivering the comfort you're paying the utility company for. Our system performance analysis will provide a preliminary snapshot of your comfort systems delivered performance.

Every system performance analysis will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How many BTUs are actually being delivered to the living space versus how much I'm paying for?
  • How much airflow is actually being delivered versus how much is leaking into the attic or crawlspace?
  • How many BTUs are Lost through heat transfer from inside the duct to the attic or crawlspace?
  • What is the actual seer delivered from my equipment versus the rated seer on the sticker of the unit?
  • What is the actual efficiency delivered from my furnace versus the rated efficiency on the sticker of the unit?
  • What affect does my filter have on the system?
  • What can we do to fix the problems permanently so that future equipment replacement is just a matter of "swapping out the boxes"?

Every unit replacement that we do at Evans air conditioning includes a full test in and test out procedure described above.  Our goal is not to simply sell you a box, but to deliver truly measurable comfort.