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Great Prices on Quality AC Parts

Find out why ​Evans Air Conditioning is the leading air conditioner parts replacement provider in Atlanta, GA. We offer the full range of appliances and HVAC system components to keep your air conditioning in great shape. With professional air conditioner parts replacement, you can get more years out of your AC and not worry about a breakdown in the middle of the hot summer months. Our team of certified AC technicians has spent years working with all types of AC units and central air setups. We can get to you quickly and deliver the high-quality results that you expect. Discover how we can add years to your AC with professional parts replacement at great prices.

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Quality Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

​Evans Air Conditioning is a local AC parts replacement contractor with experience working on all brands and model types. Our team will have your part or will track it down quickly through our extensive network of suppliers. As a local business, we’re proud to offer property owners in the community access to high-quality parts at low prices. Here are some of the air conditioner parts replacement services we offer.

  • Air Compressor Repair/Replace – Compressors make sure the air blowing into your home or office space is cool and fresh. It’s an important part of any AC unit and needs to be kept in good shape if you want reliable performance. If you are hearing odd noises from your AC unit or ventilation system, this could be the issue. We know how to repair your compressor and can tell you when it makes more sense to replace it.
  • Air Conditioner Fan Repair/Replace – If your AC fan isn’t working correctly, you’re not going to get good airflow and your AC unit is at risk because it can overheat. With a broken fan, your cool air isn’t going to cover all of your home. We can manage AC fan repair with no issue. It’s easy to spot when a fan isn’t working and repairs are straightforward. If you look into your AC unit and think your fan isn’t working, give us a ring.
  • AC Blower Repair & Service – As you might imagine, the AC blower handles pushing cool air into every room in your house. If your blower isn’t working properly, then you may only be getting cool air in certain rooms or not enough of it. A repair is a great option here. Replacement of your AC blower will vary based on what type of appliances you have.
  • A/C Coil Cleaning & Replacement – Without the proper maintenance, A/C coils can get dirty and stop working well. This leads to leaks and other issues with your air conditioning. Clean coils keep your air running and cool. We have specialized tools for coil cleaning and a wide range of replacement options at affordable prices.
  • Condenser Motor Replacement – A functioning condenser motor is critical to air conditioner durability and performance. It can take several hours to repair based on what’s happening with the motor. Sometimes, motor replacement is the best option and cheaper than trying to fix a broken one. A ​Evans Air Conditioning technician can talk to you about both options so you can decide which is best.

These are just some of the air conditioner parts replacement services we offer in Atlanta, GA. If you are having any trouble with your AC, give us a call and hear how we can help.

air conditioner parts replacement

How to Know If You Need Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

There are things you, as a property owner, can look for to spot early warning signs that you need parts replacement. Finding issues early on can save you money by avoiding bigger malfunctions down the road. Here are some things to look for.

  • Air Won’t Get Cold – If your AC is on, it should start blowing cold air almost immediately. Older units may take a bit longer to warm up, but there’s no reason you have to wait minutes or hours to get cool air going.
  • Strange Noises – Anytime you hear something strange coming from your air conditioner, you should call for professional support.
  • Water Leaks – A bit of condensation around your AC is normal, especially if you live in a humid climate. However, if you spot recurring water leaks, there could be something wrong.

Call (404) 425-4879 if you’re having any issues with your air conditioner performance. We’ll help you set an appointment for air conditioner parts replacement in Atlanta, GA with an expert technician to get things fixed right away!